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Unmatched Corrosion Temperature Resistance PTFE/Halar Lined Filter Housings

Unmatched Corrosion Temperature Resistance PTFE/Halar Lined Filter Housings

HALAR fluoropolymer lined housings are ideal for demanding liquid filtration applications. They provide excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with a broad-use temperature range. HALAR does not contaminate high-purity fluids and is virtually unaffected by most corrosive chemicals commonly encountered in industry, including strong mineral and oxidizing acids, alkalies, metal etchants, liquid oxygen, and some organic solvents.

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Tanvi provides Halar lined cartridge filters, Halar lined bag filters, Halar lined high flow filters etc. Those filters can be used   in high temperature, strong acid, strong alkali environment due to their temperature resistance and corrosion resistance properties.

Advantage and Benefits                                                                                                                                                     

•Offers a broad range of chemical resistance properties, which are useful when filtering liquids that are incompatible with stainless or carbon steel 

•Assures a seamless filtering environment, ideal for high-purity applications 

•Provides a safe alternative to plastic housings, allowing wider parameters of pressure and temperature ratings for  liquid filtration 

•Resists peeling and is extremely durable.

Welcome to wholesale high quality unmatched corrosion temperature resistance ptfe/halar lined filter housings from Tanvi Filtering which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers in China. Our factory have been engaged in offering special filtering products with high security, reliable performance and high filtering accuracy for over 8 years. Now, take action wholesale cheap our products.

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