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Teflon Vent Filters

Teflon Vent Filters

Teflon Electrical Heating Vent Filter Filter heater, respirator heater is designed in accordance with the requirements of GMP, which consists of flexible heating and temperature control box temperature control box composed of two parts. Mainly used for the filter housing to provide heating. Insulation function to prevent the accumulation of condensate and microbial breeding. Widely used in biological products, pharmaceuticals, fermentation and other industries in the water for injection systems, filtration and purification processes and cans and containers of filters and respirators.

Product Details

Type A                             Type B

Technical Parameters                                                                                                                                                              

Rated voltage: 220V
Voltage withstand voltage: 1.5kv
Insulation resistance: > 5MΩ
Insulation material: (silicone rubber)
Ambient temperature: -60 ℃ - +250 ℃
Operating temperature: 0-150 ℃
Display mode: Heating temperature - red LED,
Set temperature - green LED
Sensor: Type K thermocouple or PT100

Main Feature                                                                                                                                                                                  

1. Electric heating plate power section decreases. - control the filter temperature difference caused by excessive temperature above or below the condensation or over-temperature damage.
2. Built-in over-temperature circuit breaker (heating temperature exceeds 140 ℃) - to prevent instrument failure \ line fault abnormal temperature damage filter.
3. Electric heating sleeve using porous polymer insulation - full energy saving, heating the outer surface of the set at room temperature.
4. Stereotyped magic sticky buckle design, Teflon coated - easy to disassemble, install.
5. intelligent double-three display temperature control system, heating temperature can be adjusted at 0-150 ℃.


Pure water tank, injection water tank, ingredients tank and other products of the respirator to prevent heat insulation filter to form condensed water.
Freeze-Dryer Gassing Filter - Removal of Condensate after Steam Sterilization Residual or Integrity Tested Moisture
Raw materials and finished liquid filter heating insulation filter drying and so on.


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Product Code

Heater Jacket






Type A


150 W





200 W



400 W


Type B


100 W




200 W



400 W

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