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Broad Chemical Compatibility PP Membrane Utility PP Membrane Filter

Broad Chemical Compatibility PP Membrane Utility PP Membrane Filter

Polypropylene filter membrane is made of pharmaceutical grade or food grade isotactic polypropylene superfine fiber with hot melt adhesion together, is a depth filter material. The whole process of production without any additives; Their physical and chemical properties are stability, chemical compatibility is good. A variety of pore sizes are available. High porosity and high dirty holding capacity are their features. The membranes can be backwashed and sterilized at high temperature.

Product Details


Pore size: 0.22, 0.45, 1.20 μm
Membrane Diameter: Φ300, Φ293, Φ250, Φ200, Φ150, Φ142, Φ90, Φ60, Φ50, Φ47, Φ25, Φ13mm
Roll : width 280mm, 310mm, length can be optional
Sterilization methods: high-temperature steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, γ-ray sterilization


Without any adhesive,
Excellent Chemical stability,
Flexible, easy to damage, high temperature,
Can withstand autoclaving.
Toxic tasteless,
Resistant to acid or alkali.


Applicable to the production of various coarse, fine filter, folding filter.
Applicable to beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries of the frame filter press filter.
Suitable for reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane support and pretreatment.
Polypropylene film non-toxic, in medicine, chemicals, food, beverage and other fields widely used;
With a hydrophobic, especially for gas filtration.

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