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Air filter development
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Prototype for air filter is the use of respiratory protection for protection of breathing apparatus. According to historical records, as early as the First century of the Roman people in purifying mercury, protected with masks made from coarse linen. After this long time, air filters have also made progress, but mainly as a risk of respiratory protective devices used in some industries, such as production of hazardous chemicals. 1827 he discovered the motion of small particles, a further understanding of the mechanism of air filter.

The rapid development of air filter is closely related with the development of military industry and the electronics industry. During the first world war, due to the use of chemical agents, asbestos filters as filter layer of military gas masks came into being. Glass fiber filter media for air filtration in October 1940 in the United States patent. 50, United States, production of glass-fiber filter paper conducted an in-depth study of the air filter has been improved and developed. 60, HEPA filters available; 70, made of fine glass fibre filters HEPA filters as filter media, 013 Micron size particle filtration efficiency as high as 99.9998%. Since the 80 's, with the new test methods, Using evaluation to improve the appearance and improve filter performance requirements, HEPA filters has serious problems found, so he created a higher-performance ULPA filters. Countries still trying to research, it is estimated that soon there will be more advanced air filters.