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Filter cartridge features
- Oct 24, 2016 -

As its name implies, precision filter is the heart of filters, filter is mainly used in the oil filter, water filtration, air filtration, filtration industry.

Permeability of 1, precision filter: filter by United States strong hydrophobic fiber filter oil-repellent, skeletons of both through good and high strength, lower resistance caused by passing.

2, precision filter efficiency: filter Germany fine holes of a sponge, can effectively prevent the high-speed air entrainment of oil, and gathered small oil droplets to passing down to the lower end of filter sponges, bottom side-by-side to the filter container.

3, precision filter air tightness: filter and filter combination using a reliable seal, ensure that airflow is not short circuit, to prevent impurities without filters and go directly to the downstream.

4, precision filter protection: anti-corrosion reinforced nylon filter end cover and protection filter frame structure, can be used in harsh conditions.