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Filter features
- Oct 24, 2016 -

1. efficient, accurate filtering: filter plate filter technology of special structure, precise and sensitive, ensuring that only particles smaller than require particles to enter the system, is the most effective filter system specifications 5 μg, 10 μl, 20 μg, 55 μg, 100 μg, 130 μl, 200 Mu and many other, users can choose different precision filter plate with water. System flow rate can be adjusted flexibly according to need.

2. standard modules, saving: systems based on standard disc filter units and modular design, the user can be a choice, flexibility, high interchangeability. Compact system, covers an area of small, flexible use of corner space to install, such as water treatment equipment accounted for only about 6m2 of about 300m3/h (ordinary water, filtering level 100 μ).

3. automatic operation, continuous water: filter between the various units in the portfolio, alternating between Backwashing process, automatically switching between work, anti-State, ensures a continuous water; backwash water very little 0.5% of water only if combined with air-assisted backwash, water consumption can be reduced to below 0.2%. High speed backwash thoroughly, just a few tens of seconds to complete

4. long life: the new plastic filter element strong, wear-free, corrosion-free, very small scale, after years of industrial validation, use 6-10 and no wear, not aging, filtration and backwash effect will not be using the time difference.

5. high-quality, less maintenance: products meet appropriate quality standards, all products in the factory are simulated testing and commissioning, without special tools, parts and little is easy to use, just checked on a regular basis, almost does not require routine maintenance.