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Water filter products
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Home purification of drinking water, industrial water, drink wine filtration, professional equipment, water purifiers and other ancillary medicinal liquid filtration filtration, medical, and so on.

Household water purifier filter

PP melt spray filter is to polypropylene for raw materials, by latest of melt spray, and traction, and received technology, makes polypropylene fiber relies on since bonded mutual tangles formed three dimensional labyrinth micro-hole structure, and traditional fabric and combs into network non-weaving creations in the of fiber distribution different, has more big of than surface area, more high of pore rate, more subtle of aperture, its excellent of filter performance above other General of filter material. Due to the fiber diameter and density of a controlled change the diameter of the filter, which filters made of production of multilayer structure formed by a dense outer loose in.

PP melt blown filter cartridge features:

1. high-precision filtration, filtration flow, pressure is small, efficiency;

2. fiber melting glue, fibers melt bonding between layers and layers of multilayer structure, no separation, does not fall off, has good rigidity and stability of micro-porous;

3. filtration precision control is stable, able to use filter according to the different filtration requirements of science.