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High Temperature Capabilities And Pressure Resistant Stainless Steel Sintered Power Filter Cartridge

High Temperature Capabilities And Pressure Resistant Stainless Steel Sintered Power Filter Cartridge

The stainless steel powder sintered filter element is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel powder. Process is that stainless steel powder is hydrostatic molded, and then sintered in high temperature vacuum. They can provide micron-level precision filtration, separate liquid, solid particles in the gas impurities. The filter elements can be cleaned by backwashing or back flushing, so that the filter element can be reused. They are high strength, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and the applications are broad.

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Features and Benefits                                                                                                                                                              

● High permeability, low pressure drop.
● Shape stability, components with high strength;
● High temperature (up to 600℃in work environment);
● Corrosion resistance;
● Impact resistance, alternating load high;
● Good air permeability, good separation effect;
● Easy to clean, available saturated steam, chemical solvents, thermal processes and ultrasonic cleaning.


Material: SS304, SS316
Filtration rate: 1 to 200μm
Diameter: 20-200mm
Thickness: 2mm
Length: 100 ~ 1500mm
End caps: 226,222, M20, M30, etc.


Recovery of the catalyst
Filtered liquid, gas
The droplets were separated
Chemical, pharmaceutical and food production process
Stabilization of fluid, muffler
Solid - state fluidized bed
Liquid flushing bubbles

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