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Capsule Filters Efficient Fiber Filter
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Capsule Filters Efficient fiber filter

High efficiency fiber filter I. Introduction GXS series of high efficiency fiber bundle filter is a kind of advanced structure, excellent performance of the pressure fiber filtration equipment. It uses a new type of bundle-like soft filler - fiber as a filter element, the filter diameter of up to tens of microns or even a few microns, and has a large surface area, filter resistance and other advantages, to solve the granular filter filter accuracy by Filter particle size restrictions and other issues. The tiny filter diameter greatly increases the specific surface area of the filter and the surface free energy, which increases the contact ability of the impurity particles and the filter medium and the adsorption capacity of the filter material, thus improving the filtration efficiency and the ability of interception. In order to give full play to the advantages of fiber bundle filter, filter filter in the lower end of the fiber can be set to change the density of the activities of the orifice plate adjustment device. When the equipment is running, the water passes through the filter layer from bottom to top. At this point, the movable orifice plate adjusts the device upwardly. After the fiber is pressurized, the density of the filter layer in the water flow direction is gradually increased, and the void diameter and porosity of the corresponding filter layer are gradually reduced, and the deep filtration is realized. When the filter layer is contaminated and needs to be clearly regenerated, the wash water passes through the filter layer from top to bottom. At this time, the activities of the orifice plate adjustment device automatically decline, so that the fiber opened and relaxed state, you can easily carry out cleaning. Fiber bundle filter can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, while the water bacteria, viruses, macromolecules organic matter, colloid, iron, manganese and other significant removal effect, with a fast filtration, high precision, interception capacity, Easy operation, reliable operation, no special maintenance and so on. Equipment is widely used in electric power, oil, chemical, metallurgy, paper, textile, food, beverage, tap water, swimming pool and other industrial, civil water supply, process water, circulating cooling water, and waste water filtration. Second, the working principle of efficient fiber filter is a special processing, the greater the bulkiness, high adsorption capacity of the filter for the filter structure of the new filter, it does not improve the filter resistance at the same time, improve the filtration efficiency And effect. The filter is a fiber bundle as a filter, a number of fiber bundles at a certain density hanging vertically on the perforated plate, the bottom hanging material fall, composed of filter layer. In order to adjust the density of the filter layer, a pressurizing chamber (i.e., a capsule) composed of a water-impermeable flexible material is provided inside the fiber bundle filter material, and the fiber filter material is tightly and loosely filled with water and drainage by the pressurizing chamber. Filter, the pressurization chamber filled with a certain volume of water, then the formation of vertical vertical cross-sectional area of the inverted pear shape, so that the fiber in a certain state of compact, tight on the next loose, to be filtered from the lower part of the equipment Into the fiber along the direction of stretching through the first through the coarse filter and then through the fine filter of the anti-particle type of filtration, the water from the upper part of the equipment leads to give full play to the entire filter layer interception.

When cleaning, discharge the water in the pressurized room, the fiber bundle is relaxed, wash with water (at the same time with compressed air from the upper part of the filter), and then in water and compressed air to the cleaning, cleaning out the retention, Layer to be regenerated. The filter material is a kind of polymer chemical fiber material (polypropylene fiber), which has the advantages of small diameter of filter material, specific surface area of filter media and free surface energy, which increases the contact chance of impurity particles and filter media and the adsorption of filter material ability. Its chemical nature is very stable, without any active functional groups, suspended solids in the water to the fiber filter surface migration and both physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.