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Capsule Filters Filtration Equipment Needs
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Capsule Filters Filtration equipment needs

China's pharmaceutical industry continues to grow and develop, all kinds of filtration equipment needs will continue to grow, so filter mesh, the use of the tube will also come more, so the production of filter mesh enterprises to continuously improve the work of machinery products Efficiency, to keep up with the market, to meet more user needs. Annual research and development, production of medical drugs available to countries in the world.

      Medical pharmaceutical industry is different from other industries, the quality of the drug has a very high demand, so the domestic pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment enterprises continue to improve product quality problems, so the selection of filter mesh equipment has become an important category of pharmaceutical water machinery First, in the production process is not the slightest slack. The most critical of the quality of medical water is directly related to the quality of the drug, and filter equipment in the filter mesh, the tube is the water treatment of water quality of the important parts of the pretreatment. With the development of society, no capsule filter is used by more and more people, but people in the course of the use of the product rarely maintenance, always thought that stainless steel is never rusty, stainless steel corrosion resistance good. But the ideal is always very full, the reality is always very skinny. Today to introduce several ways of conservation:

1, rust steel surface of the trademark, foil, with warm water, weak detergent to wash, binder ingredients, the use of alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) scrub.

   2, the capsule filter surface with bleach and a variety of acid attached, immediately rinse with water, and then ammonia solution or neutral soda solution of sulfuric acid dip, with a neutral detergent or warm water washing.

   3, stainless steel surface dust and dirt when the surface can be soap, weak detergent or warm water washing.

   4, stainless steel surface dirt caused by rust, available 10% nitric acid or grinding detergent washing, can also be used special washing drug washing.

   5, rust steel screen surface with rainbow pattern, is too much use of detergent or oil caused by washing with warm water neutral detergent can be washed away.

   6, rust steel surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, with a soft cloth wipe clean, later with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent cleaning.

   7, stainless steel surface passivation film in the weak corrosion resistance of the site, due to self-induced reaction pitting corrosion reaction, the formation of small holes, coupled with the chloride ion close to the formation of a strong corrosive solution to accelerate the corrosion reaction speed.