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Capsule Filters Mainly Used In
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Capsule Filters Mainly used in

Over capsule filter classification

According to the location of the use of capsules filter and use, can be divided into two categories: coarse capsules filter and fine capsules filter

1, coarse capsules filter is mainly used in pumps, flow meters, valves in front to protect the equipment from large metal particles

, Its accuracy is basically tens of microns or more. Fine filtration is mainly to purify the fluid and protect the process safely. Its accuracy

The range is essentially between 0.01 microns and 30 microns.

2, in accordance with the manufacturing design requirements can be divided: pressure vessels and non-pressure containers

The GB150 or ASME standard is executed according to the design and manufacture of the capsular filter housing in the pressure vessel.

The non-pressure vessel performs the SH / T3411 or HGT 21637 standard implementation.

3, according to the use of media can be divided into: gas capsules filter and liquid capsules filter

Gas over capsules filter for gas - solid separation of the basin, can be used for gas purification, into the recovery and so on. Liquid over capsules filter

Applicable to liquid - solid separation areas, such as lubricating oil filtration, petrochemical industry filtration and sewage treatment.

    Filtration is an integrated technical process that achieves solid-liquid or solid-gas separation through the passage of the filter media and the participation of filtration equipment. Due to the diversity of applications and application purposes, the starting point and purpose of the filtration effect are more complex, both the total effect of solid-liquid or solid-gas separation, and the size and number of solid particles retained by the quilt. The size and the size of the solid particles contained in the clarification effect of the filtrate, so that the effect of filtration can be indicated by a simple relationship.

    Nominal Capsule Filter (Nominal Filtration Accuracy) is the minimum particle size that can be trapped by a filter medium on a certain filtration device, the maximum particle size in the filtrate, or the filter media or filter Out of ability. They may specify a nominal filtration level for a given concentration of suspension at a specific test condition with a retention mass of 90% (also with 95%, 98%).

    Absolute filter level (absolute filter accuracy) is the maximum ball diameter of the filter medium under established conditions, generally expressed in microns. The United States Fluid Power Research Center defines the absolute filtration level is the filtration efficiency of 99% of the particle size, the filtration efficiency of 95% of the corresponding particles inaugurated for the nominal filtration level (nominal filtration accuracy).