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Capsule Filters The Working Principle And Characteristics
- May 27, 2017 -

    Capsule Filters The long fiber bundles are installed in the equipment, the fiber bundle under the hammer, fiber layer to install a number of soft capsules, before the capsule filled with water, horizontal extrusion of long fibers, so that the fiber layer porosity and filter pore size by the large To the small gradient distribution, this filter layer characteristics and fiber ball filter layer similar to the filter effect is also relatively close. The filter speed is generally 20 ~ 40m / h, in the same water turbidity conditions, the interception capacity is sand filter 2 to 4 times. Cleaning the filter, the first row of water in the capsule, so that long fiber bundle bed to be loose, and then mixed with gas - water cleaning. It can solve the problem of compaction (filtration), loose (cleaning) and fiber loss of fibrous layer in the long fiber filter layer. However, there are some problems: (1) The equipment is more complicated, In addition to capsules, need to be equipped with capsule filling, drainage system and filling water metering device; ② capsule damage is plagued by the user's problems, the price is more expensive and the replacement process is not convenient.

   Capsule Filters You can use the formula to calculate the capsule squeeze long fiber filter initial conditions. Fiber diameter of 50μm, fiber length of 1.3m, fiber filling porosity of 90%, each capsule filled with 150kg, the results can be seen in the early filtration, the filter layer will have a greater thrust, close to the water The upper side of the fiber will be subject to great longitudinal pressure. Due to the longitudinal stiffness of the fiber is very small, under this pressure must be bent, so that the fiber layer as a whole move up. When the fiber layer to retain a certain suspended matter, with the bed head resistance increases, the distance will be greater. Because the capsule center is connected with the steel pipe (for the inlet and drainage), the lower end of the capsule is connected with the lower end of the steel pipe (which is easy to insert into the fiber layer when installed). Therefore, the capsule does not move with the fiber layer, Under the action of friction to produce upward tension. On the other hand, since the upper fibers are subjected to lateral bending by pressure bending, the occupied lateral space is increased so that the upper capsules are compressed and the volume is reduced, forcing the lower water volume of the capsule to increase. The lower part of the capsule is subjected to an upward tension and an internal outward pressure, which should be the main cause of the breakage of the capsule and most of the damage from the lower part. In addition, the capsule squeeze filter on the fiber compaction is by capsule, which takes up a larger filter area, in the largest extrusion site (ie, the smallest part of the fiber porosity) of the highest filtration rate, high filtration rate is not conducive to the filter Material adsorption, trapping suspended solids, so this site will not effectively interception suspended solids. The upper fibrous layer is compressed by the lateral bending and compaction, and the filter area is large, so to ensure that the role of water quality should be the layer.