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Capsule Filters Transport Media
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Capsule Filters Transport media

Capsule A filter is an indispensable device for conveying media piping, usually installed at the inlet end of a pressure relief valve, a relief valve, a water supply valve, and other equipment. Capsule filter has a certain size filter filter, the impurities are blocked, when the need for cleaning, as long as the removable cartridge out, after processing can be reloaded, therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.

Capsule filter by the cylinder, stainless steel filter, sewage section, transmission and electrical control part of the composition. Capsule filters can be divided into air capsule filters, liquid capsule filters, network capsule filters and light capsule filters. Our company mainly develops a class of liquid capsule filters, including water treatment series of capsule filters and hydraulic oil series of capsule filters. Hydraulic oil capsule filter is mainly used in the oil filter industry, including oil-absorbing capsules filter, back to the oil capsule filter, pipe filter and so on. In fact, there are many kinds of capsule filters, such as laminated capsule filter, sand bar filter, carbon filter, plate and frame capsule filter, activated carbon capsule filter, diatomaceous earth capsule filter, microporous capsule filter, the main principle Are the use of filter media pore size retention media than the medium diameter smaller, of course, some filter media also has a special effect such as adsorption.

working principle

Capsule Filter The water to be treated enters the body from the inlet, and impurities in the water are deposited on the stainless steel screen, resulting in a pressure differential. Through the differential pressure switch to monitor the pressure change of the outlet of the capsule filter, when the pressure reaches the set value, the electronic control to the hydraulic control valve, drive the motor signal, causing the following actions: the motor drive brush rotation, the filter to clean, while The control valve is opened for the sewage, the entire cleaning process only takes tens of seconds, when the cleaning is over, close the control valve, the motor stops rotating, the system returns to its initial state, began to enter the next filtration process.

After the installation of the equipment, by the technical staff to debug, set the filter time and cleaning conversion time, to be treated by the water into the body, the capsule filter began to work properly, when the preset cleaning time, the electronic control to the hydraulic control Valve, drive the motor signal, causing the following actions: the motor drives the brush to rotate, the filter is cleaned, and the control valve is opened for the sewage. The entire cleaning process takes only tens of seconds. When the cleaning is finished, the control valve is closed and the motor stops , The system returns to its initial state and begins to proceed to the next filtering process.

The inside of the shell of the capsule filter is mainly composed of a coarse filter, a fine filter, a suction pipe, a stainless steel brush or a stainless steel nozzle, a sealing ring, an anticorrosive coating, a rotating shaft and the like.

Functional Classification

Capsule filter is divided into: self-cleaning capsule filter, automatic capsule filter, stainless steel brush capsule filter, elastic capsule filter, four kinds of working principle are different, the following are each capsule filter working principle.

1. Self-cleaning capsule filter Self-cleaning capsule filter is a kind of direct use of the filter to intercept impurities in the water, remove the suspended solids, particulate matter, reduce turbidity, clean water quality, reduce system dirt, bacteria algae, Purification of water quality and protection systems Other equipment for the normal work of precision equipment.

The main components are: motor, electric control box, control piping, executive components, filter components, 316L stainless steel brush, frame components, drive shaft, import and export connecting flange, etc., to overcome the traditional filter products, Dirt clogging, filtering part of the need to remove the cleaning and can not monitor the status of the capsule filter and many other shortcomings, with the original water filtration and automatic filter on the sewage discharge function.