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Depth Filter Cartridges According To Different
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges According to different

Deep filter cartridge is not uncommon, but the high precision filter really did not see a few people too. There is a precision depth filter cartridge, I heard that its performance is very good. So today we come to introduce this precision depth filter cartridge to see what its performance in the end what is the characteristics of its previous filter structure is not the same, let's take a look at this specific introduction to it.

Precision deep filter cartridge by the cylinder and the filter composition, the barrel of high quality stainless steel or UPVC material, the use of quick open, replace the filter without the use of tools, convenient and quick. Filter using PP cotton, nylon, meltblown and other different materials for filter, Removal of small suspended solids in water, bacteria and other impurities; by the filter medium from the side into the cylinder, filtered through the filter rod, the liquid from the bottom of the discharge, the filter by the compressed air backflush or gas-liquid mixed backflush discharge. Widely used in fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, electroplating and other industries.

Precision depth filter cartridge can be selected according to different requirements of the melt-blown PP filter, wire wound cotton filter, folding filter and other combinations from the package.

Precision Depth Filter Cartridge Features:

1. Filtration high precision, filter aperture uniform;

2. Filter resistance is small, flux, interception ability, long service life;

3. Filter material cleanliness, no pollution to the filter media:

4. Acid, alkali and other chemical solvents:

5. Strength, high temperature, easy to deformation of the filter:

6. Inexpensive, low operating costs, easy to clean, precision depth filter cartridge can be replaced.

Melt water purification filter, made of polypropylene ultrafine fiber melt entanglement processing. Fiber randomly formed three-dimensional curved structure, uniform pore distribution, from inside to outside into a gradient structure gradient filtering, the maximum to meet a variety of water purification projects Operational needs.

    Selection of deep filter cartridge should pay attention to the problem:

 1. Weave unevenly.

    2. Depth of the filter tube uneven thickness.

    3. Choose the cost of the depth filter cartridge.

    4. Note moire: in the halftone selection filter, it will also affect the level of India's moire.