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Depth Filter Cartridges According To The Principle Of Filtration
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges According to the principle of filtration

According to the principle of filtration, the depth of the filter can be divided into filter, centrifugal, oil bath, compound several. Commonly used in the engine of the depth of the filter cartridge are mainly inertia oil bath deep filter tube, paper dry depth filter cartridge, polyurethane filter cartridge depth filter and so on several. Inertia oil bath deep filter cartridge has passed inertial filter, oil bath filter, filter filter three filter, the latter two depth filter cartridge filter filter through the main filter. Inertia oil bath depth filter cartridge with small intake resistance, can adapt to dusty sand working environment, long life and other advantages, previously in a variety of models of cars, tractors on the engine used. But this depth filter cartridge filter efficiency is low, heavy, high cost, maintenance inconvenience, in the car engine has been gradually eliminated. Paper dry-type deep filter cartridge filter made of resin-treated microporous filter paper, filter paper porous, loose, folding, have a certain mechanical strength and water resistance, with high filtration efficiency, simple structure, light weight, low cost , Easy maintenance, etc., is the most widely used in the former automotive depth filter cartridge. Polyurethane filter depth filter cartridge filter is made of soft, porous, sponge-like polyurethane, strong adsorption capacity, this depth filter cartridge with the advantages of paper dry-depth filter cartridge, but the mechanical strength is low, in the car engine to use more widely. The drawbacks of the latter two depth filter cartridges are their short life and unreliable work in harsh environmental conditions.

(1) high temperature, that is ≤ 400 ℃;

(2) high pressure, filter can withstand 2MPa pressure;

(3) corrosion resistance;

(4) small size easy handling of its handling of large amount of gas, blowing back when the gas consumption is small, fast, low energy consumption;

(5) cleaning effect is good and so on.

Application examples

Gas dust in the application: the gas dust content is large, after 45um filter filter dust content is 4g / m3. And his flow is 12000 m3 / h, pressure 1.0MPa, the use of temperature ≥ 200 ℃, and The final concentration of dust ≤ 5mg / m3.