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Depth Filter Cartridges By Category
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges By category

Cartridge processing and welding technology in detail

Filter by material points, there are stainless steel, galvanized, iron and so on

Filter cartridge by type, with punching metal plate filter, stainless steel wire mesh filter and other punching metal plate filter:

Filter forming generally according to the size of the customer requirements (height * length), converted into length and width of the cutting board, followed by curling, for relatively thin round hole (1mm below) using hand-cranked three-roll The round plate is made of a stainless steel plate having a thickness of more than 1 mmm or more, and then welded and polished. Thin plate filter welding generally lap welding more convenient, easy to save time, thick-walled filter welding must be welded to the general use of argon arc welding machine, spot welding machine, for the customer requirements of the filter tube to use plasma welding , High-tech, accurate workmanship, after grinding polishing, so that a new cartridge products on the factory, Anping Dongning filter equipment products factory specializing in the production of a variety of filter cartridge filter diameter, pressure difference, mesh, material resistance Need to pay attention to what?

Filter diameter, pressure difference, mesh, material resistance need to pay attention to what?

1. Nominal pressure. Determine the pressure level of the filter according to the maximum pressure that may occur with the filter line.

2. The number of holes to choose the main consideration to be blocked impurity particle size, according to the media process process requirements. A variety of specifications can intercept the size of the screen size check the following table "filter specifications."

3. Import and export diameter. In principle, the filter inlet and outlet diameter should not be less than the matching pump inlet diameter, generally consistent with the inlet pipe diameter.

4. Filter resistance loss calculation. Water filter, the general calculation of the rated flow rate, the pressure loss of 0.69 ~ 22kpa stainless steel hydraulic filter Features:

First, a good filter performance, the filter size of 2-200um can play a uniform surface filtration performance

Second, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good wear resistance;

Third, the depth of the filter tube pores uniform, accurate filtering accuracy;

Fourth, the depth of the filter cartridge per unit area of the flow of large;

5, the depth of the filter cartridge for low temperature, high temperature environment; after cleaning can be reused, free replacement.

6, the application of: petrochemical, oil pipeline filtration; refueling equipment, engineering machinery and equipment fuel filtration; water treatment industry equipment filtration; 7 pharmaceutical and food processing areas; rated flow 80-200l / min working pressure 1.5-2.5pa filter area (m2 ) 0.01-0.20 Filtration accuracy (μm) 2-200 μm Filter stainless steel braided mesh Stainless steel punching net For heavy oil combustion system before the removal of water, can also be used for chemical liquid filtration, precision 100um, filter material is stainless steel round microporous The For the electronics, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial sectors in the pretreatment and post-processing system.

5. Filter material. The material of the filter is generally chosen to be the same as that of the connected process piping. For different service conditions, consider selecting the filter of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel.