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Depth Filter Cartridges Common Types Of Filter
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges Common types of filter

Common types of filter

Air filter

Air filter, also known as air filter, air filter, style and so on. Mainly used for engineering locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, aseptic operating room and a variety of precision operating room in the air filter.

PP filter

PP filter is also called PP meltblown filter, meltblown filter made of polypropylene microfiber hot melt entangled, the fiber randomly formed in the space three-dimensional pore structure, pore diameter along the filtrate flow gradient distribution, set the surface, deep , Fine filter in one, can be trapped in different particle size impurities. Filter accuracy range of 0.5-100μm, the flux is the same precision peak room filter more than 1.5 times, can be configured with different types of end cap joints to meet the needs of a variety of engineering installation.

Wirewound filter

From a good filter performance of the textile fiber yarn precision winding in the porous skeleton from the refined. The yarn material is polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, cotton fiber and so on. Winding by controlling the yarn winding tightness and thinning density, can be made into different precision filter, can effectively remove the various liquid suspended solids, particulate impurities, etc., for a variety of liquid has a higher purification effect.

Folded microporous filter

Folded microporous filter using polypropylene (Polypropylene) thermal spray fiber membrane, nylon (Nylonb) polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEE) microporous membrane for the filter medium made of precision filter device, with small size, large filter area, High precision and other advantages. Filtration accuracy range from 0.1μm to 60μm. Filter cover cover and the overall structure of the connection are used hot melt bonding. Filter connector for the international common three types: 222 joints, 226 joints, flat mouth. Products in the factory have to undergo a rigorous complete test to ensure product performance and stability.

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter products are two categories: compressed activated carbon filter, bulk activated carbon filter.

1, compressed activated carbon filter using high adsorption value of coal activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon as a filter material, to food grade adhesive sintering compression forming. Compressed activated carbon filter inside and outside were wrapped in a layer of a filter with a non-woven fabric to ensure that the carbon core itself will not fall toner, carbon core at both ends with a soft NBR rubber gasket, the charcoal into the cartridge Has a good seal.

2, the bulk type activated carbon filter will be the required activated carbon particles into a special plastic shell, with welding equipment will be welded to the end of the shell at both ends of the shell, respectively, at both ends of the filter into the role of non-woven fabrics Filter to ensure that the carbon core in use will not fall toner and black water. According to the needs of customers, shell cover can be made into different types of connector. Interface methods are: flat pressure, pipe (models are: 4042,4044,4046, etc.).

Double section filter

The previous section: polypropylene melt blown filter accuracy of 5μm

The next section: granular activated carbon filter built-in activated carbon 170g

Material: ABS, PP

Length: 250mm Outside diameter: 70mm Flux: 8L / S Total flux: 6-8T

Activated carbon index: strength> 90; iodine value (mg / g)> 950; methylene blue value (mg / g)> 120

Ceramic filter

Ceramic filter because the selection is pure natural physical materials, so the use of water purifiers will not produce secondary pollution, while not as pure water machine that.