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Depth Filter Cartridges Filter Media
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges Filter media

High efficiency filter is the most popular purification equipment, industrial environmental protection is an indispensable part. As a new type of purification equipment, the most important feature of high efficiency filter is to capture 0.1-0.5um fine particles, and even for other pollutants also have a good filtering effect, so that because of our environment to increase a security.

High-efficiency filter filter layer to capture the role of particles are mainly four kinds:

 First, the intercept effect: When a particle size of the particles moving to the vicinity of the fiber surface, the center line to the fiber surface distance is less than the particle radius, the particles will be blocked by the filter fiber and deposited.

 Second, the inertia effect: When the mass of particles larger or faster, due to inertia and collision to the fiber surface and deposited.

 Third, the electrostatic effect: fiber or particles may have a charge, resulting in particles to attract electrostatic effects of particles and adsorption of particles.

 Fourth, the proliferation of movement: small particle size example Brown movement is strong and easy to crash to the fiber surface and deposited.

 With the increase in the amount of particles filtered, the filtration efficiency of the filter layer will be reduced, and the resistance increases, when increased to a certain value when the timely replacement to ensure cleanliness.

     Our common high efficiency filter equipment, mostly aluminum frame, no partitions, such equipment, not only good sealing, and filtration can not be leaked. Industrial above the high efficiency filter, in the structure above the resistance is better, and corrosion resistance, heat resistance. High efficiency filter filter is the use of ultra-fine glass fiber paper, do not miss any tiny particles, so that our environment is more clean, so that industrial production more secure.

The maximum efficiency of the high efficiency filter can reach 99.999% 0.3um, and in the case of normal work. Because of the efficient work efficiency, efficient filters have been widely used in many industries, especially pharmaceutical filtration, food filtration, electronic filtration and so on. Introduction of filter material classification

    Filter material (medium) a wide range, according to its structure is divided into flexible media, rigid media and loose filter media three categories.

    Flexible filter media:

Metal filter media

Non-metallic filter media: polypropylene, polyester, synthetic fiber, glass fiber, non-woven filter cloth, filter paper, filter felt, filter pad metal, non-metallic mixed media

 Rigid filter media: sintered metal mesh, metal fiber sintered felt, powder sintered material, porous ceramic, sintered porous plastic, sintered aluminum oxide, glass filter media

Loose filter media: diatomaceous earth, expanded perlite powder, cellulose, sand, charcoal powder

   Filter from the meaning of the point of view is to filter the magazine device, it seems that the water purifier, water purifier as the name suggests is a water purification equipment, filters and water purifiers on the specific What is the difference? The following by the Henan filter small tape with your understanding:

The difference between the two:

The filter just removes some granular objects.

Water purifiers are harmful substances such as certain heavy metal ions that pass through certain chemical or adsorbent effects.