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Depth Filter Cartridges Filter Out The Working Medium
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges Filter out the working medium

Used to protect the specific components of the hydraulic system, installed in the medium-pressure pipeline to protect the upstream components to filter the working medium of solid particles and colloidal material, the effective control of the working medium pollution, and the normal work of components. Hydraulic oil filter is mainly made of stainless steel braid, sintered mesh, iron mesh, for the material, because it uses the filter is mainly glass filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper, wood pulp filter paper, so it has high concentricity, under pressure , Straightness, stainless steel, without any burrs, to ensure long service life characteristics, its structure by the single or multi-layer metal mesh and filter made in the specific use of its layers and constitute the screen According to the different conditions of use and use.

Depth filter features

1, sub-high pressure section, with the pressure section, with the oil section and oil absorption section.

2, high and low level of high school. 2-5um for high precision, 10-15um for medium precision, 15-25um for low precision.

3, for the compression filter finished product size, increase the filter area, the general part of the filter into a corrugated, hydraulic filter pleat height generally below 20 mm.

4, hydraulic filter to withstand the pressure difference is generally 0.35-0.4MPa, but the individual special filter, requiring high pressure, the highest requirements to withstand 32MPa, or even 42MPa equivalent system pressure.

5, the maximum temperature, and some requirements to 135 ℃.

The depth of the filter requirements

1, the strength requirements, production integrity requirements, to withstand the pressure, to withstand the installation of external force, to withstand the pressure of alternating load;

2, the smoothness of oil requirements, flow resistance characteristics;

3, resistant to a certain high temperature, compatible with the working medium;

4, filter fiber can not be displaced and shedding;

5, into the load more dirt;

6, high altitude and cold areas to use normal;

7, fatigue resistance, alternating flow under the fatigue strength;

8, the filter itself cleanliness to meet the standard.

Depth filter main purposes:

1. Special filter material for automobile airbag.

2. Mechanical, ship, electricity, electronics, aviation, aerospace and other fields of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil precision filtration.

3. Oil, chemical field of various high temperature, corrosive liquid filtration.

4. Chemical fiber, film industry: polyester, nylon, polyester and other polymer melt filtration purification, the production of melt, textile components filter layer. 5. Pharmaceutical, biological, beverage industry, a variety of liquid clarification filter.