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Depth Filter Cartridges Filter Structure
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges Filter structure

Filter structure 1, according to the filter function is divided into: filter filter, coalescence filter, separation filter, adsorption filter. 2, according to the filter media is divided into: aviation oil filter, industrial oil filter, hydrocarbon filter, water filter, air filter. There are many types of filter elements, the main structure from the end cover, skeleton, filter, seal components. Special construction needs to be increased by special structural requirements, such as bypass valves, handles, nylon ties, clamps, wraps and other special requirements. The main features and functions are as follows: 1, end caps Features: (1) for the stamping parts and machining parts, the main material is stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, nylon materials. (2) there is a certain depth of the injection slot. (Set by drawing) (3) Radial seal filter end cap requires O-groove, axial seal filter cover need to facilitate the installation of the location of the gasket. (4) surface treatment for the spray, galvanized, chrome, anodized and so on. Function: (1) storage adhesive (TH-1 also known as epoxy resin) (2) to provide the interface with the filter connection. (3) to improve the end of the filter to the load strength. (4) end cover, skeleton, filter connection link. (5) and the seal connected to the sealing effect. 2, skeleton skeleton according to its role is divided into two, its support skeleton and protection skeleton. The difference between the two structures is mainly different wall thickness, the size and number of different holes. (With drawings required) Support skeleton (internal skeleton) Features: (1) According to the different strength of the filter to bear the pressure, custom skeleton wall thicker. (2) the walls are uniform holes. (3) made of metal material (or special material). (4) metal materials are stainless steel or spray and galvanized. Role: (1) to protect the normal operation of the filter to bear the pressure difference between the filter. (2) is the filter medium through the uniform, resulting in a small resistance. (3) into the end of the load to ensure that the axial vertical axis, parallelism. Protect the skeleton (outer skeleton).

Features: (1) skeleton wall thin (commonly used 0.3-0.5mm) (2) larger aperture. (3) generally made of steel or aluminum. (Oil filter with more) role: (1) to protect the filter from external shock and damage. (2) to prevent the filter in the work by the impact of pressure generated by bending deformation. (3) bear part of the end load. 3, filter media mainly by the filter layer and support layer composition. Filter material is divided into: glass fiber paper (for imported paper, domestic paper), plant fiber paper, stainless steel net, copper mesh, synthetic fiber felt, absorbent filter. Supporting layer materials are mainly: galvanized steel, stainless steel mesh, plant fiber paper, copper and so on. Filter layer features: (1) according to different materials, precision needs to select different filter materials. (2) filter its most important filtering effect. (3) single layer filter strength is generally not high, if necessary, support layer and protective layer. (4) There are two main modes of operation: folding, wrapping around. Role: to ensure that the system plays a role in the filter to achieve its required cleanliness. Support layer: Features: (1) wire mesh thicker wire. (2) less mesh per unit area mesh. (3) high strength, protect the filter. Role: (1) support the filter, so that the filter is not deformed under pressure, no damage. (2) to maintain the shape of the filter material, so that the filter material evenly contact the working medium, thereby enhancing the filtering effect. 4, seal seals are mainly divided into: gaskets, seals, and special-shaped pieces. Material is soft and has compressibility and elasticity. Divided into radial seal and axial seal, the effect of the filter to ensure that the filter and the connection between the tightness. 5, bypass valve bypass valve, also known as safety valve, by the spool, the valve body, spring, spring seat, lifting lug, retaining ring composition. When the pressure difference on both sides of the valve reaches the specified value, the valve seat automatically open, so that the working medium bypass. To ensure the safety of the filter to ensure that the entire system.