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Depth Filter Cartridges Filtration Accuracy
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges Filtration accuracy

What are the principles of the filter for deep filter cartridges?

What are the principles of the filter for deep filter cartridges? 3266 3290 shot blasting machine dust filter cartridge dust powder recovery filter cartridge dust filter

Depth filter cartridge, filtration accuracy from 1um-100um, diameter from 60mm-500mm, height from 100mm-2000mm. Filter material imported, domestic filter paper, oil, water, anti-static, Fumo polyester fiber.

Huayue filter equipment factory depth filter tube, dust filter, air filter

Specification: 315 × 210 × 660,320 × 660,320 × 700,320 × 750,320 × 900,320 × 1000,335 × 660,335 × 750,490 × 660,490 × 750

Deep filter cartridge structure: Depth filter cartridge by the molding processing of the filter, support the skeleton, the upper and lower end caps, rubber seals. Through the strong glue will filter paper, support the skeleton, upper and lower end caps, stick into a complete product - filter cartridge.

The core part of the deep filter cartridge is the filter paper, therefore, according to the filter application areas, filter the object to correctly select the filter, the rational use of filter material is essential. Whether the filter designer, manufacturer or user, require the depth of the filter cartridge long life is better, but the depth of the filter in the industry, the use of various conditions during the impact of the depth of the filter cartridge life of many factors, It is difficult to measure or estimate the service life of the depth filter cartridge. The same filter cartridge, the flow rate increases, the original resistance increases, the difference between the original resistance and the limit resistance decreases, and the life is shortened, and the life is prolonged. For every 10% increase in flow, the life is reduced by 22%. 10% less traffic, life expectancy increased by 30%. From the point of view of extending the life of the filter barrel, it is desirable to have a larger filter area. But increasing the area will increase the size and weight of the cartridge, thereby increasing the manufacturing cost and sales price, and will also increase the size of the dust collector equipment. Therefore, our Huayue filter workers are committed to a certain space in the depth of the filter to increase the filter area. To extend the life of the filter cartridge.

Huayue filter equipment factory mainly supporting the part of the depth of the filter dust filter specifications are as follows:

Model Air filter cartridge

The above depth of the filter cartridge is mainly supporting the industrial environmental dust removal equipment, anti-static filter cartridge height can be produced according to your requirements arbitrary (50-1000mm) height, there are more specifications are not listed one by one, for more details Product information; please call 18831643787 inquiries!

Flame Retardant Depth Filter Cartridges Applications: Industrial Filtration, widely used in sandblasting operations, shot blasting, polishing, metal dusting; cement production, metallurgical industry, ceramic production, graphite, paint, pigment industry, petrochemical, plastics, food , Medicine, wood processing and other areas of smoke and dust particles in the treatment and recovery.