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Depth Filter Cartridges Filtration Accuracy
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Depth Filter Cartridges Filtration accuracy

The filtration accuracy is simply referred to as the filtration efficiency, that is, the filtration efficiency is counted in micron-sized particles. As noted in the literature on hydraulic systems, the "nominal filtration degree" does not account for the problem, so it is no longer used in aircraft hydraulic systems. But some of the other areas of pollution research, such as vehicle three filter industry fuel system, now do not have the name of the degree of filtration, this ancient term.

The other term is "absolute filter" which is based on the maximum size of the particles passing through the filter. It is also eliminated in the fuel filter. Aircraft fuel filter only provides the use of β nominal method. Continue to make the old method is not correct.

[1] Filtration accuracy: In fact, the filter is the diameter of the filter; containing impurities in the solution through the filter, allowing the maximum particle size through. Stainless steel filter filter, as the name suggests for the filter, is the heart of the filter. The main filter is the main principle of the filter is to purify the original ecological resources and resources re-use, and the need for purification equipment, filter is generally used in oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration industry. Removal of a small amount of impurities in the filter medium to protect the normal operation of the equipment or air clean, when the fluid through the filter with a certain precision filter, the impurities are blocked, and clean the flow through the filter out.

Filter filter according to the use of media is divided into: air filter cartridge, water filter cartridge, oil filter cartridge.

Filter filter can be contaminated media is purified to achieve our production, life needs clean state, with a certain degree of cleanliness. Filter filter use a very wide range of industrial production such as iron and steel smelting, power production, marine purification, etc., small to drinking water treatment, garbage in the use of car fuel filter, bicycle lubricating oil filter, etc. , We live clean technology are using filters, filter.

Hydraulic system which is divided into: oil filter, pipe filter, oil return filter. In the case of

According to the filter filter material is divided into: paper filter, chemical fiber filter, metal mesh filter, metal powder sintered filter, PP filter, wire gap filter, activated carbon filter and so on.

Different bags of different cleaning methods

Absorbent bag filter, that is, the suction nozzle inside the filter to remove the dirt on the surface of the filter. Self-cleaning, the sewage valve open, nozzle and sewage pipe connected to the outside of the sewage pipe and the pressure of the nozzle to produce a strong suction. Absorbent bag filter has the following characteristics: high efficiency, compact size; reliable mechanical structure; minimum flushing flow rate requirements, the filter pressure is low to ensure that the cleaning effect; self-cleaning process requires less water and does not cause downstream Flow of the fluid supply.

Bag-type suction-type bag filter, which is a series of coarse filter and fine filter two filters, nozzle for the circular mouth, the suction device by a screw device with a two-way motor drive, according to a fixed speed For a spiral of movement (so that a few nozzles will be able to attract the entire inner surface of the filter).