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Depth Filter Cartridges The Advantages Of Introduction
- May 27, 2017 -

 Depth Filter Cartridges Production process: punching - cutting plate - roll round - argon arc welding - polishing filter tube

Uses: for the water filtration and environmental protection industries, the company precision manufacturing a variety of aperture filter tube, excellent quality, price concessions are welcome to buy. The use of advanced continuous winding automatic resistance welding process welding. Not easy to be blocked, is a professional water well sand filter equipment. Compared with the existing filter device, the opening ratio is increased, the gap size is accurate, and the filtration precision is high. It has the characteristics of strong structure, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance, long service life, safe and reliable. Media filter. The company advanced technology, professional technical level, advanced processing technology, the idea of excellence in the development of the factory which has been recognized by the majority of customers, and with a number of enterprises to establish a long-term partners, but also for foreign trade companies processing foreign trade stamping product.

Wash well to use air compressor or submersible pump wash well. The use of submersible pump wash wells from the top down to wash wells. Special circumstances, the use of piston washing wells, you must gently pull, strictly leap, so as not to filter pipe deformation.

According to the situation of the formation of the choice of filter pipe outsourcing materials. General formation to nylon filter is appropriate, but must be based on the size of the formation of sand particles select the number of nylon mesh and the number of layers.

  Depth Filter Cartridges advantage

1. Filtration tube with higher porosity is more suitable for the construction of high efficiency water, oil and gas wells. Filter tube

2. The low operating cost of the filter tube, the high porosity of the water pipe is more conducive to the infiltration of groundwater, plenty of water to reduce the water level to reduce, thereby reducing energy consumption.

3. Reduce the wear of the pump, under the same conditions, the higher porosity makes the groundwater into the filter tube when the speed of infiltration into the other filter device when the speed is much slower, so as to avoid the sand in the larger water pressure Into the filter tube, reducing the pump wear.

4.Depth Filter Cartridges  Filtration tube can extend the life of the wells, relatively speaking, the groundwater into the pore filter water filter more easily, low water flow, to extend the life of wells.