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Filter Element Introduced
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Filter separation of solid particles from liquids or gases, or make different compositions full access, faster response times, can protect the equipment normal work or clean air, when fluid enters the reset after a certain filter specifications filter its impurities are blocked, clean, flowing through the filter out. Liquid filter liquids (including oil, water, etc) of contaminated fluid is clean to make production and living needs, that is, bring the liquid to a certain degree of cleanliness.

Air filter contaminated air is cleaner production and living needs, that is, making the air reaches a certain degree of cleanliness.

Filter material

Paper filter

Chemical cartridges: metallic fibre sintered felt of polypropylene fibres of glass fiber polyester fiber

NET type filter: stainless steel wire mesh

Line-gap filter

Filtering equipment installed in the components to separate, according to the material, divided into many. metal filter, activated carbon filter, air filter, etc. filter,

Sintered felt

Depth in line with filter