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Filter Problem
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Filter water from the inlet into the body to be treated, the impurities in the water deposit on the stainless steel filter, the resulting differential pressure. By monitoring changes in the inlet and outlet pressure differential pressure switch, when the differential pressure reaches the set value, the electric controller to hydraulic control valves, motor drive signals. Equipment installation Hou, by technicians for debugging, set filter time and cleaning conversion time, stay processing of water by into water mouth into body, filter device began normal work, dang reached preset cleaning time Shi, electric control device to hydraulic control valve, and drive motor signal, raised following action: electric machine led brush rotating, on filter for cleaning, while control valve open for sewage, whole cleaning process just continued number 10 seconds, dang cleaning end Shi, close control valve, motor stop turned, system recovery to its initial state, Start into the next process. Filter shell is mainly composed of coarse strainer or fine strainer, suction tubes, stainless steel brush or stainless steel nozzle, sealing, anti-corrosion Coatings, shaft and other components.