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Main Applications Of Membrane
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Outside the filter membrane for water treatment, can also be used in the manufacture of ultra pure water and desalination, reverse osmosis membranes are commonly used (nano membrane). Also used for night soil treatment in water treatment, wastewater treatment, urban, generally using ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane. Can be used for manufacture of dairy products in the industry, semiconductor manufacturing, food manufacturing, paper manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and generally using ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane.

Membranes used in food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, municipal water treatment, industrial water, boiler water, desalination, ultrapure water in the electronics industry, waste water treatment and reuse, material concentration and purification of a wide range of industries.

Broad, ultrafiltration water purifiers for household use, ultrafiltration membranes. Removal of molecules in solution, Colloid, protein, particles, with the use of low pressure and water production, ease of operation features.

Application of ultrafiltration in disposal of wastewater

Has been applied in the automobile manufacturing industry wastewater from paint, metal processing wastewater and treatment of food industry wastewater and the recycling of useful materials. Ultrafiltration for various types of Colloids in water with good characteristics, which can consider expanding to the condensate demineralization system and ion exchange pretreatment.

Ultra-filtration membrane in preparation of wine raw water applications

Ultrafiltration membrane module applied in beer production plant, by testing the performance of membrane device, indicating deep purification of raw water from wine by ultrafiltration membrane, can effectively reduce the concentration of pollutants in water, eliminating the secondary pollution of pipe network, fully meet the wine making process of raw water quality requirements.

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