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Membrane Type
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Water through the membrane flow rate is small, therefore through the need of water, greater single area of a membrane device, to be installed in a small space into a lot of membrane tubes. In addition, below 100um thickness of thin films under high pressure, must also have the ability to bear, should they create a variety of pressure-resistant membrane. General frame of film, spiral, bridge, tube and hollow fiber type five. Plate and frame type membrane of porous material should be used, screw and bridge-type film with the same frame type. Spiral rolls, and bridge for folding into small volume into a large area of the membrane. Tubular membrane porous material, raw water from the inside of the tube through the osmotic flow out of the pipe under internal pressure type film, this use is common, there is external pressure-tube. Insulating outer diameter for hundreds of UM system, most fiber tube within the system, because fiber fine, no need for special high strength fiber tubes, membrane itself is enough to resist the pressure, inside of the hollow fiber system for raw water system by internal pressure type, both the external pressure and pressure from the outside.