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Mini Filter Cartridges According To The Shape Points
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Mini Filter Cartridges According to the shape points

Mini filter cartridge according to the process area is divided into:

1, multi-layer spot welding cartridge.

2, multi-layer wrapping filter. Mini filter tube by shape points: rectangular, round, ring, from the shape, waist, shaped. Mini filter cartridge by structure: single-layer network, multi-layer composite filter, modular filter cartridge. Mini filter cartridge by layer points: single, double, three, four, five, multi-storey.

Mini filter cartridge Main material:

Stainless steel punching net, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel braid, stainless steel wave net, stainless steel corrugated net, stainless steel stretch net and so on. (20 to 800 mesh).

The use of mini filter cartridge:

Mini filter cartridge is widely used in "chemical fiber spinning, short fiber, microfiber, leather, non-woven, plastic granulation (pvc cable material. Sheath material), sheet extrusion (PEPPABSPS), masterbatch, rubber "And so on. Applicable machinery: all kinds of imported domestic "chemical fiber spinning machine, leather and non-woven equipment, twin-screw extruder" spinneret and components filter. Mini filter cartridges in the headset network, button batteries, the production of the speaker.

Mini filter cartridge main products: air dust filter (filter), dust recovery filter, air compressor air filter, oil filter, oil and gas, oil and water separator, hydraulic, pneumatic filter, large air separation self-cleaning air filter, fan Air inlet filter, gas turbine air filter, fuel filter, natural gas pipeline filter, mixing station with dust handling machine. Oil filter, coal oil filter, stainless steel filter, mine heavy vehicles, engineering machinery with air filter, oil filter, diesel filter, hydraulic oil filter, water filter, and so on. This series of alternative imported filter is imported from abroad with the filter after the replacement of domestic products, you can replace PALL Pall, HYDAC He Dirk, DONALDSON Donaldson, TAISEI KOGYO Dasheng, MANN Man and other company's products. Coal mine filter series: coal mine hydraulic pump station filter (high pressure into the liquid filter, water tank into the liquid filter, oil filter, oil return filter, high pressure filter, lubrication filter, unloading valve filter cartridge), coal mine high pressure backwash Filter, filter, hydraulic control system filter filter (water spray filter, filter and bottom valve filter; small flow valve body filter); coal mine high pressure filter filter (large flow high pressure backwash filter series); special vehicle filter (Pressure filter, water filter, backwash filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, Breathable filter, etc.) and so on. EH oil filter element, EH oil pump oil return filter, protective filter, regulating valve oil motive filter, top shaft pump (EH) oil filter, EH oil filter, EH oil pump, Pressure filter, filter element, filter element, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge, filter cartridge Filter, oil engine import filter, oil engine filter, oil motive filter,