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Mini Filter Cartridges Features
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Mini Filter Cartridges Features

Production of the mini filter cartridge (cartridge) by filter selection characteristics can be divided into three categories:

First, wood pulp fiber paper filter function features:

1, the choice of the United States, Western Europe excellent efficient wood pulp fiber material, which not only has a small aperture, breathable, low resistance, high power characteristics, and large filter area.

2, the choice of the world's leading folding technology, uniform distance.

3, the filter cover and the table cover are excellent use of the electrochemical board, not only good strength, and a better anti-rust anti-corrosion function.

4, low hardness and high strength of the closed-cell foam rubber ring exotic.

5, the adhesive from the Henkel company, will not occur degumming and cracking scene. Scope: gas turbine, centrifugal air compressor and other large units of the import filter and powder coating line powder recovery system.

  Second, long fiber polyester filter Features:

1, the use of the United States, Japan and other countries of the synthesis of high-strength polyester long fiber non-woven fabric information, the fiber was lubricated tubular, fiber interspersed with each other, smaller openings, more uniform distribution, with excellent filtering.

2, the use of polyester long fiber filter, the filter cartridge not only has a good acid and alkali function, higher filtering power, running resistance, compared with the traditional filter, it has no comparison of wear resistance and high Strength, bursting resistance, pulse backflush and other methods easier to clean, and can be repeated with water cleaning, without damaging the filter, extending the service life.

3, the tough use of polyester filter and anti-corrosion steel mesh support structure linked to the new open-type folding plan to increase the useful filter area and can make the air flow through the appearance of barrier-free.

4, compared with the traditional filter bag, the filter area increased by two to three times, reducing the pressure drop, improve the filter power, extending the service life. Scope: steel, cement, chemicals, machinery, cigarettes, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, thermal power, environmental protection and other production lines to recover the material, purification dust. Third, the film coated polyester filter cartridge Features:

1, the choice of PTFE resin as a material, the use of special technology made of three-dimensional network with microporous membrane, with a small aperture, high porosity, the appearance of lubrication, waterproof, anti-oil function is good, very low friction coefficient, , Resistant to chemical corrosion, the use of high temperature.

2, the film coated filter with a solid appearance of the lubrication, the appearance of filtration is not the powder particles tear, wear and tear the possibility of dust can have a regular fall.

3, the stability of the role of the filter so that the dust of the dust collector more stable, and improve the utilization of the powder and the recovery of the role of purification, the appearance of the filter in the pulse of the anti-blowing more simple in an instant end, improve the filtering power. Three hook dust filter mini filter cartridge

4, the domestic first coating technology and TEX excellent material, Tongji University leading test to ensure the stability of goods.