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Mini Filter Cartridges Its Purchase General Points
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Mini Filter Cartridges Its purchase general points

I plant the production of mini filter cartridges made of stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel punching net, stainless steel plate made of its purchase is generally divided into: stainless steel wire mesh into a tube; stainless steel wire mesh + stainless steel punching mesh skeleton; Steel mesh skeleton. Before welding, in order to ensure the size of the mini filter cartridge accuracy, welding effect, need to build a set of mold, this mold is copper rod, according to the mini filter cartridge diameter to make a copper rod, installed on the welder , Will be connected to the spot welding or welding, you can.

It should be noted that: in the welding of the mini filter tube to master the temperature and speed and intensity, so as to welding at the beautiful process, welding solid products. The mini-filter cartridge is a cylindrical element for filtering, generally divided into a filter cartridge for filtering the gaseous medium and filtering the liquid medium. It belongs to the surface filter element, the use of the surface of the filter to form a small breathable tissue blocking the gas in the granular material. Xiaobian below to tell you about the characteristics of mini filter cartridge and its use.

Mini filter cartridge features:

1, filter area increased 3-5 times, filter wind speed decreased

2, dust removal rate increased by 99.99%.

3, filter length is short, there is a large excess space, is conducive to dust settling

4, filter life extension.

5, venturi tube, cage all exempt.

6, filter elements short and small, easy to install (top loading), easy maintenance and replacement.

The use of mini filter cartridge:

1, petrochemical high temperature gas filtration, catalytic cracking slurry filtration;

2, the catalyst filtration and separation;

3, metallurgical high temperature flue gas purification;

4, other high temperature gas and liquid filtration;

5, for high pressure recoil brush oil filter;