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Mini Filter Cartridges Working Principle
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Mini Filter Cartridges working principle

The main function of the filter cylinder is installed on the pipeline to effectively remove the dirt, dust, scale and other solid impurities in the natural gas to protect the equipment, the instrument and so on in the regulating station. And operation, to achieve a stable process to ensure the safety of production. Cylinder filter has a large volume of dirt and a small loss of resistance, can extend the maintenance cycle. The same time as the above-

Filter tube mainly by the take over, cylinder, filter basket, flange, flange cover and fasteners and other components. Cylindrical filter has a high reliability and safety, the filter can be cleaned, easy maintenance; shorten the equipment maintenance cycle and save the replacement parts of the high cost; filter for the fast hoop head structure.

Filter tube works:

When the liquid through the cylinder into the basket, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket, and clean fluid through the filter basket, discharged from the filter outlet. When you need cleaning, unscrew the bottom of the plug, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, after cleaning can be reloaded. The same time as the above-

Filter Cartridge Performance Description:

1. Filter tube 70% of the rated flow that can meet the maximum flow conditions;

2. Filter element is stainless steel, resistant to medium corrosion, anti-erosion, easy to clean;

3. Filter element can be used filter precision 5 micron filter (material for the stainless steel braid), for more than 5 microns particle filtration efficiency of 99.9% or more;

4. Sealing structure without leakage, sealing materials resistant to natural gas components in the corrosion composition, and fire, insulation;

5. The filter has a field differential pressure display and a differential pressure transmitter with liquid crystal display, prompting the filter element whether it needs cleaning.

Filter tube in the transport, installation, use of the Notes

Filter tube in the transport, installation and use of the process, according to the requirements to ensure the use of results. Various filters in the use of a period of time, because the filter surface to capture the dust, so that the filter efficiency and resistance decreased, affecting the cleanliness of the air supply, this time need to be replaced in time filter.

The filter cage is not allowed to open the bag or packaging film before installation. The filter is stored in the direction marked on the box. During the handling, it should be lighted and removed to avoid violent vibration and collision.

For high humidity and high temperature environment in the use of high efficiency filter, must choose high temperature, high humidity filter paper and partition plate, frame material to meet the production requirements. Biological clean room and medical clean room, you must use the metal frame filter, and its surface is not easy to rust, do not allow the use of wood frame filter, to prevent the production of bacteria, affecting the product pass rate.

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