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Powder Sintered Filters Air Compression System
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Powder Sintered Filters air compression system

(Air, water vapor, condensate); oil (oil, oil vapor); various solid materials (rust, metal powder, rubber fine, tar particles and Filter material, sealing material, etc.). According to the air filter maintenance personnel, moisture and dust will cause metal devices, pipes rust corrosion, resulting in moving parts of the stuck or wear, so that the pneumatic components of the malfunction and leakage, moisture and dust will plug the throttle or Filter; when the temperature falls below the freezing point, water freezing will cause the pipe to freeze or crack.

 The temperature of the oil and water contained in the compressed air seriously affects the efficiency of the filter. Such as: when the temperature is 30 ℃, the oil flow through the filter at 20 ℃ when the 5 times; when the temperature rose to 40 ℃, the oil flow through the filter when the 20 times 10 times. So the filter is generally installed at the lowest point of the temperature of the compressed air system.

 The lower the temperature of the gas stream, the higher the drying efficiency of the adsorption dryer. Because the lower the air temperature, the less moisture to accommodate, the adsorption dryer on the dry load is lower, adsorption drying machine drying capacity is stronger, so the higher the efficiency.

The original design of the filter and dryer installed in the air compressor exhaust side. The high temperature of the exhaust end reduces the desiccant effect of the dryer, increasing the water content of the process gas; where the temperature and pressure are the highest, increasing the oil pollution through the filter, making the oil into the dryer more oil in the adsorption bed Accumulation, desiccant failure, the export of dew point temperature continues to rise, the dryer dehumidification effect worse, the gas with water; compressed air impurities a lot, the filter can not guarantee the filtering effect, more oil, impurities and moisture exist in the process gas , So that a variety of executive components work exceptionally, pneumatic ash system failure.

 According to the air filter production technology personnel, powder coating more than 70μm particles accounted for about 5% of the total, some particles can reach 100μm, but these particles melt, leveling can become a coating component, that is, large particles Of the powder composition only results in the coating of the surface of the orange peel phenomenon, and will not cause particle defects.

The dust in the air is between 1 and 500 μm. Dust of 35μm in diameter, the powder coating will not cause particle defects, and even as a powder filler exists. Particle size in the high temperature (180 ~ 200 ℃) above 35μm does not melt the dust will produce particle defects. But in the static air, large particles of dust (such as 500μm above) due to gravity, will occur on the plane subsidence, only in the windy weather, large particle size dust will affect the powder coating. Powder coating, the workshop dust filter to achieve 35μm accuracy to meet the requirements, the higher the better accuracy. So the focus of the powder coating to solve the powdery defects is not in the air, but in other ways the introduction of impurities.