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Powder Sintered Filters Physical Method
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Powder Sintered Filters Physical method

Stainless steel powder sintered filter cleaning method:

Stainless steel powder sintered filter according to the pollution situation and the chemical properties of pollutants and contact the physical and chemical properties of stainless steel, respectively, the use of physical methods and chemical methods for regeneration cleaning.

Physical method first choice:

Clean liquid recoil, clean gas blowing and ultrasonic cleaning method. Chemical methods are mainly used: dilute acid, dilute alkali, oxidants, surfactants, enzymes and other cleaning agents. The above methods can also be used in a variety of ways.

According to several more common use, cleaning method is as follows:

1, pharmaceutical and chemical categories of decarbonization filter, often use backflush, backwash method and contact the best ultrasonic cleaning effect.

2, the water industry, because the filter surface retention mostly non-water-soluble salts and oxides, usually 5% nitric acid soaking, without ultrasonic cleaning, you can reach the cleaning effect.

3, the original liquid filter, to contact the chemical properties of pollutants, respectively, the following methods for cleaning:

(1) Alkali washing: 3-5% of the nano-hydroxide solution with pure solution soak 30-60 minutes, the temperature of 40 degrees, the best in the ultrasonic cleaning machine. After soaking with deionized water or injection with water meter rushed to neutral, measured conductivity. With pure air ≥ 0.4MPa pressure drying.

(2) pickling: 5% nitric acid solution soak for 8 hours or more, the temperature of 40 degrees dominated. Best in ultrasonic cleaning machines. After soaking, filter the deionized water or injections with a water meter to wash to neutral, side conductivity. With pure air ≥ 0.4MPa pressure drying.

(3) organic pollution can contact the surfactant cleaning, cell debris pollution system contact enzyme cleaning effect more ambition (food and beverage can choose high concentration of citric acid cleaning).

(4) more than a few methods can be used alone, can also be used with each other to replace. If conditions permit, contact the best ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Note: to often online anti-purge (online cleaning with pure compressed air or filter the liquid or clean water recoil), can reduce the number of times with the above method of cleaning.

Common guidelines for filter selection:

1, import and export diameter:

Guidelines on the filter inlet and outlet diameter should not be less than the matching pump inlet diameter, usually with the inlet pipe diameter common.

2, nominal pressure:

Determine the pressure level of the filter according to the maximum pressure that the filter line may present.

3, the number of holes selected:

The primary consideration is the impurity particle size to be intercepted, depending on the media process technology request.