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Stainless Steel Filter Element Introduced
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Stainless steel filter (Stainless Steel filter) [1], has very good good filtering performance, 2-200 μ m filter size can play a uniform surface filtration performance, the main filter with multi-layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh, filtration accuracy of 0.5-200 µ m, boundary dimensions according to the user request processing.

Stainless steel filter features:

1 good filtering performance, 2-200 μ m filter size can play a uniform surface filtration performance;

2 corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good resistance to abrasion;

3 stainless steel filter pores even and precise accuracy of the filter;

4 stainless steel filter element flow per unit area;

5 stainless steel filter for low temperature and high temperature environment can be used again after the cleaning, free replacement.

Application: oil chemical, and oilfield pipeline filter; refueling equipment, and engineering mechanical equipment fuel filter; water treatment industry equipment filter; pharmaceutical and the food processing field; rated flow 80-200l/min work pressure 1.5-2.5pa filter area (m2) 0.01-0.20 filter precision (μ m) 2-200 μ m filter material stainless steel woven network stainless steel punching network for heavy oil burning system Qian level except water, also can for chemical liquid filter, precision 100um, Is stainless steel micro-mesh filter material.

Applicable to the electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industrial sectors in the pre-processing and post-processing system. Of suspended impurities lower (less than 2~5mg/L) further purification of water quality.