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High Flow Pre-filtration and Fine Filtration Beer Filter Cartridge

High Flow Pre-filtration and Fine Filtration Beer Filter Cartridge

Tanvi TVS series high flow filter cartridges are designed for particulate filtration in wine, beer, spirits production and water treatment. There are multiple polypropylene layers with different pore size in the cartridge.The large filter area and proprietary pleated design provides highest flow rates and total throughput. The unique structure bring many benefits for users, it is easier to handle and less expensive than pad filters, reduces the cost of your operations, ensures exact retention ratings,requires less rinse water.Compact and closed filter system are easy to sterilize.

Product Details

Features and Benefits                                                                                                                                                          

●Highest flow rates

●Highest dirt holding capacity improved service life

●Multiple layers with different pore size provide pre-filtration and fine filtration in one filter cartridge

●Able to handle a broad range of flow requirements


Filter Material

PP microfibers

Support/ Diversion Layer




Retention Rating

0.2, 1.2 ,3 ,8μm

Inlet/Outlet Diameter

270 mm


1016mm(40 inches)

Max. Forward Differential Pressure


Max. Back Pressure



Filtration of wine and sparkling wine

●Filtration of water

●Filtration of beer and spirits

●Air Venting for reservoir and storage tank

Quality Guarantee                                                                                                                                                       

All materials used for the construction of filter cartridge meet FDA requirements for use in food and 

   beverage applications.

●Manufactured according with ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System

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